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New Things I'm Loving

1. EXO (or basically k-pop): EXO is my bias group though (that's fancy for your favourite). They had 12 members earlier but now there are 9. It took me a week and a half and the help of a friend (who introduced me to k pop) to get all their names right. My first impression was "THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME?!" And they do during photoshoots but if you watch their Showtime episodes (that's bascially like KUWK) you start to notice differences and also that they're actually really different from each other but all of them are just a s fun. Now to the actual music. It's catchy, it's got a good beat and the lyrics are good (I mean from what I understood from the translations lol) BTW THEIR DANCING. THEY SLAY AT DANCING. Check out "Growl", "Call Me Baby", and "Love Me Right" if you want to give them a try. Other good groups are BTS, Girl Generation, 4Minute, and GOT7

2. Anime: Also known as Japanese Cartoons. They all have such unique stor…