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Have you ever met anyone who is a total b***h about how he or she doesn't have any "real friends"? That's right. The one who goes on and on about how lonely he or she is. And most of the time THEY are the ones who don't pay any respect to others. If you are one of those people (Don't try and deny. We all know who we really are.) I have three simple questions for you. First, If you don't know how to treat and respect others, how in the world can you expect someone to share their life with you? Second, Have you ever taken a step back and just think about where YOU might be wrong? Third, Did you know that the only way to have friends is to be one? 

And then there is the flip side of the coin. This people who are REALLY alone. The ones that don't have anyone. Not even a single person to talk to. The ones that don't say much about how they feel but bottle up all their emotions and never let their guard down for anyone. They are the ones that really need…