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2 Years and 15 Days (Give or Take) + A Year Before If That Counts

As I write this I'd like to thank the girl who reminds me constantly why I write. She reminds me why I record memories into words and those words into this website or in smaller pieces on some other social media. Whether it be in a cryptic manner or in a raw unadulterated way, I have managed to type out all major landmarks in my life in the past 3 years or so. Now I know why.

Just a couple of minutes ago she texted me with screenshots of two posts. "Shit Happens" and "Last Day Of Tenth Grade" and she thanked me for writing those two posts. Reality is, in those two posts you can see how much changed. Aalya, you have become so much and this post is for you. (I'm sorry if some or most of this doesn't make sense to you, stranger on the internet, this is one of the most specific posts I've ever written, you can totally hate me for not being relatable)

I can't describe our friendship because my words won't do it justice. But I can at least list out …