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Does It Scare You?

I might've wrote about this before but I have a feeling that it must've been ages ago if I did.

So basically my question to you is, Does it scare you? The future? Because I am terrified.

I don't normally think about what is to happen or what is in store because thinking about it  makes my head hurt. But it's just that the other day I was talking to a friend of mine and I realized how things change in an instant. We might think it takes a shittonne of time for things to change because as we live day by day everything stays the same for the most part but as we look back a month or a year we see how different everything is. People leave, things change, new people come into your life.

I'd like to point out all the things that have changed in my life recently. (Or the last 3 years)

Just about a month ago I decided to text this said friend because this other friend set it up. And well now we talk without fail almost everyday late into the night. It's nothing romanti…