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GA Day (Day: 2)

"Maybe we like the pain, maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know, maybe we just wouldn't feel real. What's that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop. –Meredith Grey"

News Flash!

Hey guys! So I don't really have anything much to say other than IM FREAKIN' EXCITED.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I've posted 6 chapters on Wattpad for my story so far. It's going SO good. I had planned to reveal the title in another post but I couldn't wait anymore. It's called 'An Ocean Too Far.' The plot is still saved for a later date though which is very stupid of me actually seeing that I'm going to embed it on this blog. But um yeah, don't be all bitchy if I tell you the same thing in another post a month after (This blog turns one on 30th August! Can you believe it? It's been a year already.). I'm just to pumped up to not tell you guys about my so called novel! So try and find the linked story on here. It's in the "Speak Your Mind" section. I guess you'll be able to see it in just the web version. (Sorry smartphone viewers! I don't don't know for sure so try and find it anyway) But I hope you …

A Panel of Judges.

That topic makes you think, doesn't it? What comes first to your mind? A courtroom, trial of a criminal, pleas denied. 

From my point of view, a lot of people have taken it on themselves to pass judgement.Giving it to whomever they see fit. They seem to think that they are above everyone and to quote one of my teachers, they seem to think that they are "high and mighty."

So a couple of hours ago, I was in my school bus coming back home. I was sitting on the second last seat with one of my friends, Erica (Names have been changed. Duh.) Behind me sat a couple of my guy "friends" who were apparently having fun. None of em is accomplished or even close to being a good person.

What kind of fun you might ask? Well, they made fun of everyone they knew. Passed comments like faggot, leech, biggest loser ever, and a lot more vulgar stuff (If I told you about this "stuff" I would have to *** all of 'em). They didn't even spare the innocent bystanders. By th…

Crumpled Paper

Trust is a silk thread. Pull too hard and it breaks so very easily. 

So I have had trust issues for quite a while. It's not that I don't share things and stuff; I'm a very open person and get along with people easily. But most of the time I listen, don't tell. 

You might think that it's really common for people to have trust issues and that I'm making a big deal out of it but I beg to differ. First off, not being able to trust someone IS a big deal, don't tell anyone otherwise. Trust is like paper, once you crumple it, you can never have a clean slate. Never. Breaking someone's trust is just as painful as breaking their bones. Wait, no, It hurts even MORE than breaking their bones. Because bones heal, trust doesn't. 

They say that time is a great medicine to forget and forgive. I agree. It takes time to get over things, to distance yourself from what's hurting you. It isn't easy but it works. My trusting abilities used to be very good. I gave a…

I'm Tired

Here's another poem for you!

I'm tired, to say the least Facing big fat emotion with the face of a beast Tired of falling for the wrong guy Tired of imagining him in a spectacular suit and tie Sometimes all I do is wake up, dreading the day ahead Conversations racing through my mind, analyzing everything he said
Just seeing your name come up on my screen
And I wonder, with all the things on your mind, how did you think of me? Does it really matter that he is from a different world? "Never believe what you can't see" is what I'm told Should I be affected by the texts and mails I get from him? Because after all chances of actually being with him are really slim I should just let it go, I know But how can I when all I have is a phone number, not even a photo.  "How can you be so stupid?" is what I ask myself everyday  "Just don't fall too deep, or there'll be hell to pay." They say "It's a small world after all" From where I stand, it'…