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Body Image

So a couple of days back a weird thing happened to me. I was talking to a friend of mine and we got to the topic of food and meals and stuff. I personally have three meals a day, two glasses of milk and a snack in the evening which I think is good enough. But then he said something that actually pissed me off. "Yeah that's good but you look malnourished." LIKE WTF? Do you know how bad I felt? Okay to give you perspective, I'm 5'2", 90 pounds, 24" waist and 26" right above the hip. I'm tiny, I agree but I'm healthy. I'm not anorexic, anemic or bulimic. I AM HEALTHY. I have above average stamina, I participate in sports, I exercise daily. I am anything but malnourished and I love my body just the way it is. I used to think I'm too skinny but now I love me. 

Same goes for the people who weigh more than average, if you're healthy and you body is not misbehaving then fuck the haters and the people who say you need to loose weight, If …