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So a couple of days back a weird thing happened to me. I was talking to a friend of mine and we got to the topic of food and meals and stuff. I personally have three meals a day, two glasses of milk and a snack in the evening which I think is good enough. But then he said something that actually pissed me off. "Yeah that's good but you look malnourished." LIKE WTF? Do you know how bad I felt? Okay to give you perspective, I'm 5'2", 90 pounds, 24" waist and 26" right above the hip. I'm tiny, I agree but I'm healthy. I'm not anorexic, anemic or bulimic. I AM HEALTHY. I have above average stamina, I participate in sports, I exercise daily. I am anything but malnourished and I love my body just the way it is. I used to think I'm too skinny but now I love me. 

Same goes for the people who weigh more than average, if you're healthy and you body is not misbehaving then fuck the haters and the people who say you need to loose weight, If you want to do it for yourself, go ahead baby! Hit the gym hard and become a god/goddess but never let anyone let you think that you are not beautiful just because you weigh a bit more. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is, being healthy is not a specific size. You can be a size 2 or a size 16, it doesn't matter as long as your body works like it should. Beauty, also, is not related to size. You don't need to stuff yourself or starve yourself to become the so called perfect size. Some people say "oh boys like curves" but that hurts you because you're skinny... Some people say "No one would get with you, you're so fat!" but that hurts you because your body isn't the way they show in magazines. You know what I think? FUCK THEM. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE AMAZING. You don't need to change yourself to be the norm of beauty. Just concentrate on being healthy, not on being a dress size. 

And supermen! I couldn't find a good picture with men, sorry. 

Another thing is that we ladies bash withing ourselves. We call each other out and that's not done. We need to become each other's strength not push each other down. To the curvy women, don't bash on the skinny ones saying you're the REAL beauty and they're fake. To my skinny ladies, don't tell the curvy ones they're fat or ugly. On the other hand, boys, you don't need to criticize your fellow men for not being "macho" or "muscle-y" enough.  Bodies don't define us, our souls do. We need to make our insides beautiful before we go on bashing others about their outsides. BE GOOD PEOPLE, SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE.

I would also like to give a shoutout to the humans who are in transition. whether you're m-f or f-m, You are worthy of being called the gender you choose to identify with. Don't let some say "You have boobs so you're a girl!" or "You have a dick so you're a guy" No. Don't stand that. You deserve the recognition. You deserve to be called what you want to be called. Get your binders out (But please, please, follow basic binder safety. Don't hurt yourself. I'll leave a link below for those who are unfamiliar with binder safety. Please read the entire article.) Be proud. Fight for your rights, educate people, and if someone chooses to be ignorant, let them be, don't let yourself go down to their level. 

For the girls and guys out there who wear makeup, you go love! Get that highlighter on point and your eyebrows on fleek. For those who choose not to, like me, you are just as pretty, rock your natural beauty. We don't need to criticize people who wear or don't wear makeup. You are not fake if you put make up on everyday, you are not lazy if you choose not to. Do what you want to do. It's your life, it's your face, don't let others tell you what should or shouldn't go on it. 

To the people who have disabilities, don't let anyone make fun of you, whether you're in a wheelchair or in bed or anything. You have what you have and it's not your fault. Try your best to do what you want to do and be what you want to be and don't let anything hold you back.

My last point would have to be skin colour or people suffering from pigmentation issues. It doesn't matter if you're the palest of the pale or the darkest of the dark, you are amazing, you are beautiful, The amount of melanin we have in our skin, doesn't define who we are as a person. Respect yourself and others of all races. If you're white, proud to be so. If you're brown, proud to be so, if you're black, again, be proud. 

Your stretch marks, your acne, your redness, cellulite, jutting ribs, rolls, they are not something to be ashamed of. You're not the only one who has them, don't be embarrassed of it. If you want to get rid of it, work on it in a healthy regulated and supervised manner. Don't harm yourself. You are beautiful with or without them. You just have to find the people who understand this. 


Till next time this is me signing off! xoxo

Link: Binder Safety


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