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Last Day Of Tenth Grade

Where I'm from, alot of people change schools after tenth grade to go to school who have a better faculty for their subjects of choice. (Yes, we get to choose subjects in 11th grade, not before that). I'm staying where I am though. (For those who are curious, I'll be taking Sociology, Psychology, Web Technology, Economics and English, which is compulsory.) And I still have to take my finals but I think I should document that last actual day.
BTW, I'm just gonna use real names because I don't want to forget who did what when I read this in the future.

Well here's how the last working day of 10th went.

We had all decided to get a spare school tshirt to write wishes and stuff on. So we got those and kept them away for a later hour. 

In the fourth period, our class teacher (Preeti Ma'am) came into the room. She made us tell stories about the past years and how they have shaped us. Shashvat told us about the first day he came to school in fourth grade and how he was…