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Hannah Montana on the Radio

A couple of days ago I head the one and only (non existent entity as of now) Hannah Montana on the radio. (*HEYY GET UPPP GET LOUDDD STARTPUMPING UP THE PARTY NOW*) This came out in 2006. 11 freaking years ago. And here it was playing on a request-a-song radio show in 2017. Gosh. I know. Cringe. But also nostalgia. The painfully simple lyrics and the semi to full auto tuned vocals brought me back to sitting in front of the TV when I was 5, belting out near perfect renditions of all her songs (I still can btw.) 

I also made me realize just how much I miss things being "painfully simple". 

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My life isn't a drama by any means even if I make it seem a bit (or a lot) dramatic on here. I'm a happy sunflower. I don't have any outstanding dreams or larger than life plans. I just really want to be happy and make others happy. I want to make cakes for bake sales and be there when people need to vent. I want to have kids that become good people and don…