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Spoken Word

Spoken word poetry is by far the most raw and efficient way to express in my opinion. Im in love with the format. Here are four of my poems. They're in chronical order. Maybe you can make out a story? (If you follow me on Instagram, you've already read these)
//my favourite baked good//
He was beautiful
He felt like a rose on my more than thorn body
A firefly on a cold dark night, a beach at dawn
He was electric
The sparks like the bouncing of neurons in my,love blind brain. I was in shock.
I didnt baby proof the sockets that couldve been fatal, something I regret not doing.
He was a tv show that should've gone on air but was cancelled due to budget cuts, i had invested in that story from the moment it was on the drawing board.
He was perpetually hypothetical.
His arms around my waist, my lips against his, i was on fire. He was stone cold. 
He twisted up my neck like poison ivy, my eyes locked in his. I could not breathe, but he sang.
He was not a monster, but my life was in his han…

Major Plot Twist

a couple of days ago (8 Sept) he said that he loved me. 
Plot twist: it was no. V (see previous post)
Plot twist: I couldn't say it back 
Plot twist: hes okay with it
Plot twist: I have a feeling I can say it back soon enough. 

Definitely, Maybe 2.0

This is the second time I'm typing this out. The first draft is still unposted. I don't think I'll ever make it public tbh. Anyway I just wanted to vent for a bit if that's fine by you.

First off, it's been a while hasnt it? I missed you all (by all I mean the 3.7 people who read this blog but anywho) 

Now to the topic of today's irrational rant, my love life or lackthereof. I'd like to start off by saying that I am a good person (not boasting, just facts) I take care of everyone around me. I make sure they feel loved and cherished and special. I try my best to be the best to everyone I know. I don't normally feel the need to get anything in return you know but sometimes it just feels I'm doing it all in vain. I'm 16 and I know I'll probably laugh at this post in a year but right now I just have a heavy heart that needs healing. 

i. The first guy I ever actually felt truly for, was a huge jerk. He was all about basic gratification and never rea…