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She's Leaving

So one of my best friends is leaving the country as I type. She's on her way to Delhi right now to catch a flight to London and subsequently to LA where she's probably gonna live for the rest of her life but that's not the point. The point is that my ray of constant happiness is leaving. Sabrina is leaving.

Of course we'll still talk everyday and we'll be constantly snapping each other but it's not the same uk? I can't hug her. I can't eat shitty cuppa noodles with her (okay it's not that shitty but I ate em cuz she liked em) I can't have instant text replies because timezones exist, 

The first memory I have of her is hearing about her and a guy called Sarthak. I didn't know her then. I'm glad I didn't. We were completely different people then and I guess we would've hated each other. 

Fast forward to January of 2016. It was the 11th I think. We texted each other on snapchat about something and we clicked instantly. We exchanged num…