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Random Dream #1

I remember my dreams quite often. And most of them are weird af. I have decided not to stress anymore about the content of this blog and just write about what I want to remember. I hope that's okay w you.

So it started with a play rehearsal at school. It was hella odd and I had to hold hands and dance with someone who could've been rajnikant on a 5 feet high stand made of sticks. It wasn't a solid structure. It was kind that they make around buildings when it's supposed to be painted.

Anyway, after rehearsal went well, I went to inquire on some people as to why they didn't come. Somehow two of those people were a couple with apparently seven kids. (ik I'm crazy. Sue me) They were on an bus duty for four other families with seven kids ¿?¿ and therefore were handling 35 kids.

Then one of my friends, Vishal, gets Smera and I to the top floor somehow and we are standing in front of the junior wing staircase in the middle of the school. Here comes the weird part. T…


A couple of days ago I was travelling from Chandigarh to Delhi. Once we entered Delhi, I was just looking out the window and you know, observing. I saw a man in a regular car, it was a Honda City I guess. He was singing to himself it appeared. But a little later I saw a lady sitting in the passenger seat, probs his wife, making a video of him singing. It was actually quite cute. They were laughing and being all happy and my mind automatically thought "goals". A couple of minutes later I saw a couple in an Audi. The man was scowling and the lady was looking down at her phone, least bothered. Maybe the Honda people were had the greatest day and maybe the Audi people were having the worst day ever or just tired. I don't know. But what I want to say is that having more money doesn't m3an being more happy. Happiness comes from us. Happiness comes from people around us. It doesn't matter whether you have a Maruti or a Porsche Cayenne. If you're not happy, none of i…