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Crappy Days

Do you ever feel like you're a convenience? Like people only talk to you because you're in front of them? Lately I've been feeling that even though I shouldn't because I have great friends and family and they care but you one once in a while it wouldn't hurt them to show it. It's been what, a week since since school broke for summer and guess how many times somebody has started a personal conversation with me. Twice. I don't know why I'm felling extra crappy about it today but for once I'd like to be a priority to someone. 

My boyfriend's nan died two weeks so he's with his family and for that I really can't blame him. Each person has a coping mechanism and he chose to shut down and I respect that.  

i don't know what to do really. I'm a very social person, I like talking. It's not that I can't spend time with myself (I love me time) but you know that too gets draining after a while. 

Sometimes I feel like I give people way …

List #9

6 Ways To Survive A  Long Distance Relationship 

1. Find a messenger that works for the both of you. A few examples are WhatsApp, Kik, imo, Viber and shiz like that. I highly recommend WhatsApp because it practically has everything except for video calling which bring me to my next point. (Not Snapchat because we all know you'd want to re read your conversation over and over)

2. Skype. It's your saving grace. Now, I only recommend Skype for video calling. I really don't like the texting interface, The face to face (well, over the web face to face) is so important. It gives a sense of closeness that you can't really get otherwise.

NOTE: DON'T BE CLINGY. DON'T BE EXCESSIVE IN TEXTING/CALLING. But also wish each other good morning or good night regularly even if you don't talk during the day.

3. Letters. Write to them! And don't courier the letter that's hella expensive, send it via normal post. I know it'll take a lot of stamps but it's still chea…