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Work It Out.

Have you ever felt like things will never go your way? Like you are walking a tightrope that's way too thin? I quote tumblr here, "Love hurts, Boys lie (Even girls do but this is how the quote goes, so yeah.), Friends cry, People die, Parents yell, You always try, But you are never good enough and you don't know why."

Truth is, life is never going to go your way. Just when you think you have everything under control, a perfect storm will be heading your way. Life has a mind of it's own and wherever it goes, you go along with it; no questions asked. It takes you through many situations, some good, some horrible and some that might just seem impossible to deal with. Here's what I know: If you are faced with it, you can work it out it because He is not cruel. If you are an atheist, tell me something. Have you ever been faced with a situation and thought, "I can't get through this." or when you lost someone or something and thought, "I can't…

An Illusion And A Near Disaster



I love Brandon but as a best friend. It was the hormones I guess. All the "Teenage Hormones" having a boxing match inside me. We had a talk today and I realized how very wrong I was. I think being single for more than a year took it's toll on me. He IS amazing and he IS all that a girl wants but he wasn't and isn't the one for me. We all have soulmates waiting for us somewhere out there. We can make mistakes by thinking a lot of people as the one. I made that mistake and I'm sure I will make it a million times more but it's all a part of living - at least that is what I think. I almost lost my best friend today but him being him told me that he didn't want to give up such a great friendship and I am truly, from the bottom of my heart, thankful for that. So we are still okay, still strong. Some girl will be lucky to have him someday but I finally know that girl is not me. I will continue to be myself and one da…


Someone once said, "Good memories are meant to be cherished and the bad ones are to be learnt from or forgotten." These are words of wisdom. I am not trying to be a saint here but if you keep this saying in mind, your life WILL become BETTER.

This post is directed towards the latter part of the saying and is inspired by something that happened to me like 10 minutes ago. So I bought new books for the coming academic year. While re-setting my bookshelf, I came across a two-year-old slam book. It was filled with the thoughts and likes of my 'then' friends. I opened it - like any other person would - and started to flip through it. Truth be told, I was hurt. It hurt me to see my name in their "BFF List" when I don't even talk to them now. It hurt me to see all the words that were meant for me when they don't mean a thing now. Those people that once meant the world to me but they don't anymore. We shared  some really good times, some that I will never…

List #1

5 things that a best friend should have:

1. Understanding: Nothing is more wonderful than to have someone who understands you, even when you don't make any sense.

2. Telepathy: You know when you are best friends when you don't need to say anything and they still get you.

3. Similar Sense Of Humor: It would suck if they don't get your jokes, right? XD

4. The Ability To Listen To Your Dramas Over And Over Again: Even if it has been two years, you still need someone to bitch about your ex or some random person you hate for no reason. Your Bestie will be bored as hell, they know every story you tell them by heart but they still show interest in your repetitive narrations.

And lastly, 5. No Regular Contact: Chances are that your best friend is someone from school. When school's out, and your'e anything like me, you don't talk to your best friend for days. (Don't judge. It's not my fault they don't own a cell phone yet.) But it doesn't affect your friendsh…