List #1

5 things that a best friend should have:

1. Understanding: Nothing is more wonderful than to have someone who understands you, even when you don't make any sense.

2. Telepathy: You know when you are best friends when you don't need to say anything and they still get you.

3. Similar Sense Of Humor: It would suck if they don't get your jokes, right? XD

4. The Ability To Listen To Your Dramas Over And Over Again: Even if it has been two years, you still need someone to bitch about your ex or some random person you hate for no reason. Your Bestie will be bored as hell, they know every story you tell them by heart but they still show interest in your repetitive narrations.

And lastly, 5. No Regular Contact: Chances are that your best friend is someone from school. When school's out, and your'e anything like me, you don't talk to your best friend for days. (Don't judge. It's not my fault they don't own a cell phone yet.) But it doesn't affect your friendship. You still go on and on about anything and everything when you meet.

Till next time this is me signing off!

P.s. Some of these probably don't make sense. Sorry if it is that way, I am just really tired and everything hurts like hell. Anyhoo, if you can relate to any of these, lemme know in the comments down below! :) Share with your best friends!


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