Someone once said, "Good memories are meant to be cherished and the bad ones are to be learnt from or forgotten." These are words of wisdom. I am not trying to be a saint here but if you keep this saying in mind, your life WILL become BETTER.

This post is directed towards the latter part of the saying and is inspired by something that happened to me like 10 minutes ago. So I bought new books for the coming academic year. While re-setting my bookshelf, I came across a two-year-old slam book. It was filled with the thoughts and likes of my 'then' friends. I opened it - like any other person would - and started to flip through it. Truth be told, I was hurt. It hurt me to see my name in their "BFF List" when I don't even talk to them now. It hurt me to see all the words that were meant for me when they don't mean a thing now. Those people that once meant the world to me but they don't anymore. We shared  some really good times, some that I will never be able to forget even if I wanted to. I had a falling out with them a few months ago and honestly, I have no intention of resolving it. ( The Reason ) The thing is, life goes on and we must go with it. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind, closed the book and chucked it out.  It broke me to pieces but I knew that it was for the best. I knew that seeing that book again will only bring me down and remind me that those people are not in my life. 

I don't know what I mean to them now but all I know is that I don't care. So one a brighter note, I encourage all of you guys to do the same ( Figuratively Of course ). Cherish the good ones but get rid of the memories that are just gonna make you over think things. God knows that's what I did. Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. :)

Till next time, it's me signing off! XOXO


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