An Illusion And A Near Disaster



I love Brandon but as a best friend. It was the hormones I guess. All the "Teenage Hormones" having a boxing match inside me. We had a talk today and I realized how very wrong I was. I think being single for more than a year took it's toll on me. He IS amazing and he IS all that a girl wants but he wasn't and isn't the one for me. We all have soulmates waiting for us somewhere out there. We can make mistakes by thinking a lot of people as the one. I made that mistake and I'm sure I will make it a million times more but it's all a part of living - at least that is what I think. I almost lost my best friend today but him being him told me that he didn't want to give up such a great friendship and I am truly, from the bottom of my heart, thankful for that. So we are still okay, still strong. Some girl will be lucky to have him someday but I finally know that girl is not me. I will continue to be myself and one day, be it sooner or later, I WILL find the one and I KNOW that you guys will too. Don't loose hope. 

Yours lovingly 
The Not-So-Normal Gal


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