Work It Out.

Have you ever felt like things will never go your way? Like you are walking a tightrope that's way too thin? I quote tumblr here, "Love hurts, Boys lie (Even girls do but this is how the quote goes, so yeah.), Friends cry, People die, Parents yell, You always try, But you are never good enough and you don't know why."

Truth is, life is never going to go your way. Just when you think you have everything under control, a perfect storm will be heading your way. Life has a mind of it's own and wherever it goes, you go along with it; no questions asked. It takes you through many situations, some good, some horrible and some that might just seem impossible to deal with. Here's what I know: If you are faced with it, you can work it out it because He is not cruel. If you are an atheist, tell me something. Have you ever been faced with a situation and thought, "I can't get through this." or when you lost someone or something and thought, "I can't live without him/her." But you ARE living and you DID get through it. You know why? Because you had that strength that even you didn't know you had. I am not someone who hasn't made a mistake because to be honest I have made tonnes. Your true character shines when you decide you CAN WORK IT OUT. I'm just here to give some hope to those who have lost theirs. I am just a teenager and don't know the first thing about actual life but I do know this: For worse or for better, things happen, whether we want them to or not but you face it. You face it and soldier on. YOU work it out no matter how hard or long you have to toil. I know I do.

Till next time it's me signing off! Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. Love ya'll. XOXO. Stay strong. :)


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