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Monthly Favs #3

I kindda got bored of the headphones theme. So in it's place we have this. I'll give you 10 things I loved this month, be it songs, movies, books or whatever. So here goes.

1. (Book) The House I Loved by Tatiana De Rosnay
It's a beautiful book. It's about Paris in 1869, the entire city is being remodeled but one woman takes a stand. She refuses to leave her house which along with their whole street is to be razed down to make way for expressways. The book itself is a long letter to her dead husband telling him what was happening, the things she had bottled up for so long and how she won't let him down. 
I took me a while to get used to the format of it but once I got the hang of it, I read it pretty quickly. It's a beautiful book and a must read. 

2. (Music)  Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfeld 
In this stupid world
We play hard with our plastic guns
Breathe deep, our only luck
So deep, until it’s all we got
Don’t speak, just use your touch
Don’t speak, before we say…

GA Day (Day 8)

Gratitude, appreciation, giving thanks. No matter what words you use, they all mean the same thing. Happy. We're supposed to be happy. Grateful for friends, family.  Happy just to be alive. Whether we like it or not. But maybe we're not supposed to be happy. Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy. Maybe being grateful means recognizing what you have for what it is. Appreciating small victories. Admiring the struggle it takes simply to be human. Maybe we're thankful for the familiar things we know. And maybe we're thankful for the things we'll never know. At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate. -Meredith Grey

Our Utopia

Here's a poem I wrote with a friends a while ago. Hope you like it :) 

A perfect paradise of our own, Where every whim and want is a brick for a stately home
Where our imaginations soar and our fancies fly, A wonderland we enter, each time we close our eyes.
Every thought so different, but still quite the same, Achieving anything is within our grasp, We can win battles and earn fortune and fame, Nothing is impossible, if Sleep’s loving hand we clasp.
We can be brave and noble knights, Slaying dragons , and fighting for what’s right, We can dream of fairies, marvels and masquerades, Of dainty maidens in dresses of all of colours and shades.
Dreams are wishes that we create, When we are fast asleep, lying in bed. On these clouds of hope and happiness great, Very lightly, do human feet tread.

The world is built on dreams, you’ll see if you look around.
Long ago someone dreamt of flying, now you can hop on an airplane, never to be found No one is without some kind of dream, they make life …

Coffee And Donuts

Hey hey hey! So on the eve of my special day, I have one of the most epic people over. She's the donut to my coffee, my best friend (P.s. She is obsessed with donuts and as you know, coffee is bae.) We have been besties ever since I moved up here (which was back in March of 2010) so for almost 6 whole years. And In my opinion that's extremely good. 

Friendship is one of the most beautiful things out there. The best of them have no judgement involved what so ever. So basically, I can tell her that I fucked up real time and she would be like, "Man, let's get things done and get you out of this mess." 

Friendship can get you through a lot. It makes you a better person. It shows you how just one person can be so influential and important to you. It is treasured forever. And if you manage to stay in touch, it is lived with forever. 

She gave me a card today, an early gift, and it had lyrics to a song I don't know. It's really cute and it goes something like this:

The Hit (Book Review)

'The Hit' by David Baldacci is a crime thriller that revolves around two sharp shooters that work for the government. Will Robie, the first of the two, is sent out to kill Jessica Reel, the other, as the CIA thinks that she has become a traitor. The mystery unfolds and soon the tables of ally and enemy are turned. Reel is no longer the foe, it's someone extremely high up in the government. But can Robie and Reel stop a full fledged conspiracy that could throw the world into political and economic chaos? 

I like this book because it's fast paced and always keeps you guessing. You think you know a character and they turn out to be completely different. Reel and Robie are extremely complex characters. They are outstanding at what they do but at the same time, they don't love doing it. This book isn't about right and wrong, it's about how right and wrong can be utterly different in different minds. I love how the book is written. It's crisp and to the point,…

A Beautiful Mess

How do I say this without sounding crazy? 

So remember that post I wrote? Question Hour back in October? I said I didn't have a boyfriend but I kindda lied. I do have one. 

We've been together almost 4 months now. Not the longest but they have been the most beautiful 4 months ever. Honestly. Well who is it, you might ask. That is when the cray sets in. He turned 18 at the end of the previous year. And well, he lives across the world. It's hard being with him with the time lag and everything and because he starts college this fall while I'll start sophomore year in high school (a.k.a. 10th grade). 

What made me tell you after hiding it so much? A couple of days ago something really big took place. He said that he loved me. *Pauses to let that sink in* He was so nervous. Running his fingers through his hair, looking anywhere except at me, in short, he looked like a lost puppy. A lost puppy with the most amazing grey eyes that make me loose track of everything when I look in…

My Anthem For Life

Yet another post about yet another song. Trust me, it's just a phase. I'll soon be back to writing actual stuff but till the time I do, forgive me, but I have to tell you this. So everyone gets asked the same question many times, "What's your favourite song?" I used to have a different answer every time but lately I've been listening to some old tune and I think I found my all time favourite. No kidding. I've always loved this song but I now know this one song is going to last me a lifetime. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. It has two versions. Both official. One is the fast paced one(which came first) and then a gospel version. I love the latter. And here are the complete (almost) lyrics to it. I'll link both versions down below. It's pretty literal and I think it has a wonderful message.
Here and now it's time for celebration
We finally figured it out
That all our dreams have no limitations
That's what it's all abou…

You're All You Need (Happy New Year!)

This is my non clique way of wishing you a very happy 2016. Hope you like it :) ----

The world if full of "what if"s and "you're wrong"s It chews you up and spits you out. But you have to be determined and relentless , Be strong enough to face the doubt.
Don't give up when the sea seems abhor, Learn to sail across, sit tight. Because when you reach the other shore, You'll know that it was worth the fight.
The people around you will always judge, They don't know your story. You have to climb uphill, never failing to trudge, Make them realize you're more than you seem, you can make history.
Don't be afraid of the consequences, You'll regret it when you're old if you don't let your ambitions sing. I think all you need is to jump in your dream, and believe in yourself to make the perfect landing.
--- May all your dreams come true and may all you wish for comes to you. May you make memories make of gold and may you do things which may seem a little bold…