The Hit (Book Review)

'The Hit' by David Baldacci is a crime thriller that revolves around two sharp shooters that work for the government. Will Robie, the first of the two, is sent out to kill Jessica Reel, the other, as the CIA thinks that she has become a traitor. The mystery unfolds and soon the tables of ally and enemy are turned. Reel is no longer the foe, it's someone extremely high up in the government. But can Robie and Reel stop a full fledged conspiracy that could throw the world into political and economic chaos? 

I like this book because it's fast paced and always keeps you guessing. You think you know a character and they turn out to be completely different. Reel and Robie are extremely complex characters. They are outstanding at what they do but at the same time, they don't love doing it. This book isn't about right and wrong, it's about how right and wrong can be utterly different in different minds. I love how the book is written. It's crisp and to the point, just like an assassin's life. It shows us how sometimes the thing that seems entirely impossible is the only thing that makes sense. 

I recommend all of you to go out and get it. It's really amazing. In fact, the entire Will Robie series is pretty awesome :) 

Till next time this is me, signing off! xoxo


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