Our Utopia

Here's a poem I wrote with a friends a while ago. Hope you like it :) 

A perfect paradise of our own,
Where every whim and want is a brick for a stately home

Where our imaginations soar and our fancies fly,
A wonderland we enter, each time we close our eyes.

Every thought so different, but still quite the same,
Achieving anything is within our grasp,
We can win battles and earn fortune and fame,
Nothing is impossible, if Sleep’s loving hand we clasp.

We can be brave and noble knights,
Slaying dragons , and fighting for what’s right,
We can dream of fairies, marvels and masquerades,
Of dainty maidens in dresses of all of colours and shades.

Dreams are wishes that we create,
When we are fast asleep, lying in bed.
On these clouds of hope and happiness great,
Very lightly, do human feet tread.

The world is built on dreams, you’ll see if you look around.

Long ago someone dreamt of flying, now you can hop on an airplane, never to be found
No one is without some kind of dream, they make life beautiful and bright,
Some dreams might help you fall asleep while others will keep you up all night.

The Not-So-Normal Gal 


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