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Music CAN Change Things

I know this will sound crazy and immature (maybe) but I strongly believe that music can change a person's thought process. Go on, say I'm mad. Have you ever listened to a song and forgot about all your worries? Or when you were alone and unhappy... just listening to that one song made you want to dance around your house like nobody was watching! That song that you loved so long ago, hearing it on the radio brings back so many bitter-sweet memories. It's really strange that a string of words from the mouth of a total stranger can be such identifiable ones, isn't it? Every song that we listen to in our daily lives hold some special meaning for everyone of us. Another thing that I notice (and love) is that a song can be interpreted in so many different ways... just think about it, the same words and so many different meanings. And then are those epic songs that can pull you out of extreme depression and sadness. Those are the ones that millions of people around the world …

Demons In Disguise

In the last couple of weeks, my so called "good friends" started making fun of me behind my back...Fast forward to now a quarter of my class thinks that I am trying to break friendships up and stuff (Which I am clearly not). This made me think why do people just start boycotting you for no apparent reason-that is a real reason and not a imaginary one. I didn't ask for my friend's guy to start liking me when i clearly don't see him that way, I didn't ask someone else's friend to start hanging out with me because I understand her better, and I didn't bitch about anyone just for fun. 

They talk about me and those who defend me behind our backs but you know what? This only proves that they have no aim and nothing to do  and that they (instead of living) are wasting their precious time to make fun of someone who doesn't even care. Well, in my case I have to bare this for only a couple of months which probably tangible. But for everyone out there who is …