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Short Pieces #2

Hope you like em, till next time, this is me signing off! xo

Sophomore Year

As the name clearly tells you, I've started my 10th grade at school. It started about a week ago and frankly, I'm so in love with it already. The people are amazing and everyday is filled with laughs and pranks and funny fights. I've known these people for just over a year now but honestly, it seems much longer than that. I'd never trade them for anyone else. As a class, we stand united. We win together, we lose together, we have fun together and at the end of the day, that's what it really is about. Being together. Some people fail to grasp the concept of it. 

Most of our junior are tattletales. They tell on every fun thing that happens (well, they're not wrong, some fun things are against the rules, but we'll get to that later) and get the whole class into trouble and I'm here like 'bitch, no. That is gonna get you nowhere.'  I don't mean that you shouldn't cover up a murder, when things gets really nasty, sometimes you need to get an a…