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People Leave.

Another one of my rants. So brace yourselves, you have been warned.

To complete my sentence, People leave, and you can't do anything about it. 

To quote a famous person (I can never remember their names), "Life is like a book and people are like characters. Some become your soul mates, some turn on you, some move on and some just vanish."

So most of you must remember Brandon. If not, he is my bestfriend (Not anymore I guess)/person/ex. This post is just another chapter I'd like to add to his story I have written (Figuratively, ofc.) I feel like he is slipping away. There, I said it. Even though I thought we could make it work, even though we promised we would make it work. The thing is life doesn't work on promises. It works on circumstances and situations. Even though it hurts for me to say this, (Because this is something I never imagined I would say) but it doesn't affect me as much as it should. The only thing I see is him not making an effort. I sometimes f…


Just a small little word, right? Any language, any place, any time (Not when you're sleeping though).

But when said by the right person, it can and does light up your entire being. Don't argue, I'm right and you know it. Just a tiny little thing can do a whole lot. At least for me it's like, "Wow, how did I even cross your mind?! :D" I don't know where I'm going with this post but I just felt like I needed to talk about this even when there is absolutely nothing to talk about so just bare with me. The thing that I like even more than a greeting is an actual genuine smile. When the people you care about smile, you feel happy. Even more so when you are the reason. It's crazy though, isn't it, that a little gesture can make someone so happy? For me, it's vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chips on top and when he comes from behind and whispers a sweet little "Hey!" or "Whatcha doin'?" (DO NOT ASK WHO. I WILL NOT TELL. If …

Outta Sight But Not Outta Mind

One thing I know I'm good at is to mess things up even when I don't want to.

Um, how do I even begin. I had a huge fight with someone close to me. I think whatever we had is over. We had had our differences and they kept growing without a symptom. The person in question thinks that I don't talk to them enough. How do I tell them that I WANT to talk but I just don't know what to talk about. It's frustrating, you know? Not being able to justify yourself even when you have your reasons. My friends (Sybil and Erica) tried to calm me down, saying that all will be well and that the person I had the fight with will eventually come around. My biggest fear is that they might just move on and NOT come around. I have texted an apology (Because to be brutally honest, I can't possibly do that face to face. The words will get stuck in my throat.) I said that I was so extremely sorry. (Even though I'm not sure if the whole drama is, in fact, my doing.) I don't know if …

List #2

5 Things Girls LOVE:

1. Forehead Kisses: It is so adorable. It makes us feel safe and secure.

2. Tickles and/or Hugs From Behind: We love them the regular way too (Well most of us, anyway!) but not being to able to see them coming makes them feel even more amazing.

3. Over-sized Hoodies/Sweaters: Preferably of the guy we are dating. When single, the ones owed by us do the job just fine. They are just SO DAMN COSY!

4. Fangirling: It is a fact. Every girl has a Fangirl within her. Whether we fangirl about books, movies, TV shows, artists/bands, or random hot people, you don't question the craze. If you do then be ready for a war. You have been warned.

5. The last one but not the least is "The Silent Treatment." All girls/women/ladies do this at some point of time. I'm not saying that we love to do it. We know it annoys the hell out of the person being "silent-treated" but we do it anyway. Being silent is our most dangerous weapon.

BONUS!: We LOVE to prove ourselves…