People Leave.

Another one of my rants. So brace yourselves, you have been warned.

To complete my sentence, People leave, and you can't do anything about it. 

To quote a famous person (I can never remember their names), "Life is like a book and people are like characters. Some become your soul mates, some turn on you, some move on and some just vanish."

So most of you must remember Brandon. If not, he is my bestfriend (Not anymore I guess)/person/ex. This post is just another chapter I'd like to add to his story I have written (Figuratively, ofc.) I feel like he is slipping away. There, I said it. Even though I thought we could make it work, even though we promised we would make it work. The thing is life doesn't work on promises. It works on circumstances and situations. Even though it hurts for me to say this, (Because this is something I never imagined I would say) but it doesn't affect me as much as it should. The only thing I see is him not making an effort. I sometimes feel like he doesn't care (Even though he most probably does!) Am I going crazy? I might be. It's always me who goes to meet him, always me that start the conversation. He used to do this thing; I can't really explain it but he would come to me from behind and tickle or greet me ever so softly. He knew I loved that shit. The sad part is I can't remember the last time he did that. (I promise it wasn't anything romantic, it was just something we did.) All the little things, we think they don't matter, but I know that they do. And we stopped doing those and then knowingly or unknowingly, I let go of him. I realized that there are just many things that happen. Shit happens. Maybe he realized that too.

There is no "lesson" to this post. But I think I have moved on. I miss him a tonne, don't get me wrong. He is just not my person anymore if you get what I mean. He is living his own life and I'm living mine. I wish I we could go back. Push rewind. But I can't. We are still friends but we are not each others' person. He hasn't left, neither have I but it's just a matter of time.

People leave. And you can't do a single thing about it. The only way I know is to let go.

Till next time, it's me signing off! XOXO!

P.S. Mystery Person from this post is not a mystery anymore! Yay for you!


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