Just a small little word, right? Any language, any place, any time (Not when you're sleeping though).

But when said by the right person, it can and does light up your entire being. Don't argue, I'm right and you know it. Just a tiny little thing can do a whole lot. At least for me it's like, "Wow, how did I even cross your mind?! :D" I don't know where I'm going with this post but I just felt like I needed to talk about this even when there is absolutely nothing to talk about so just bare with me. The thing that I like even more than a greeting is an actual genuine smile. When the people you care about smile, you feel happy. Even more so when you are the reason. It's crazy though, isn't it, that a little gesture can make someone so happy? For me, it's vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chips on top and when he comes from behind and whispers a sweet little "Hey!" or "Whatcha doin'?" (DO NOT ASK WHO. I WILL NOT TELL. If you are reading this mystery person, don't stop doing that.) Whatever mood I may be in, it changes into pure and sheer happiness. That's what you have to find. A small little thing that will make you so so happy, something I like to call "Unicorn Island" (#TeamSuper). It will take time but eventually you will find it. It could be anything. YouTube to chocolate to movies to your favourite TV show. I pray to God that you find you own Unicorn Island.

Till next time! This is me signing off! XOXO! 


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