List #2

5 Things Girls LOVE:

1. Forehead Kisses: It is so adorable. It makes us feel safe and secure.

2. Tickles and/or Hugs From Behind: We love them the regular way too (Well most of us, anyway!) but not being to able to see them coming makes them feel even more amazing.

3. Over-sized Hoodies/Sweaters: Preferably of the guy we are dating. When single, the ones owed by us do the job just fine. They are just SO DAMN COSY!

4. Fangirling: It is a fact. Every girl has a Fangirl within her. Whether we fangirl about books, movies, TV shows, artists/bands, or random hot people, you don't question the craze. If you do then be ready for a war. You have been warned.

5. The last one but not the least is "The Silent Treatment." All girls/women/ladies do this at some point of time. I'm not saying that we love to do it. We know it annoys the hell out of the person being "silent-treated" but we do it anyway. Being silent is our most dangerous weapon.

BONUS!: We LOVE to prove ourselves right. This is kindda obvious but without it this list would be incomplete :) TEEHEE XD

Till next time this is me signing off! XOXO! Ciao :D


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