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Hey people of the internet! How're you doing? Good? I hope so. I hope each and everyone of you is having a good day and if not, I hope it gets better. I'm just going to ramble for a few, this isn't a proper post, sorry. 

So I had this thought the other day about destiny (or fate). There are two ways to think of it. 
First is that we make our destiny. Everything thing we do, every decision we take, is creating a future for us. We are shaping our fate with every thought we have. 
The second way is that fate is predetermined.  There is a place where we are supposed to reach and we do not have any choice but to follow the path that is laid out for us. We might think we have a say but we don't. There might be many doors in front of us but those doors ultimately lead to the same path that was set for us. 
Personally, I believe in the second way. We might think 'life is what you make it" but in reality, everything you'll ever achieve, people you'll meet, people y…

New Things I'm Loving

1. EXO (or basically k-pop): EXO is my bias group though (that's fancy for your favourite). They had 12 members earlier but now there are 9. It took me a week and a half and the help of a friend (who introduced me to k pop) to get all their names right. My first impression was "THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME?!" And they do during photoshoots but if you watch their Showtime episodes (that's bascially like KUWK) you start to notice differences and also that they're actually really different from each other but all of them are just a s fun. Now to the actual music. It's catchy, it's got a good beat and the lyrics are good (I mean from what I understood from the translations lol) BTW THEIR DANCING. THEY SLAY AT DANCING. Check out "Growl", "Call Me Baby", and "Love Me Right" if you want to give them a try. Other good groups are BTS, Girl Generation, 4Minute, and GOT7

2. Anime: Also known as Japanese Cartoons. They all have such unique stor…

Still Here

Hello people of the internet. I'm still here, still alive. I know I haven't been the best blogger and it's been ages since I've posted. I don't really have any excuses for this other than I didn't feel like posting. I didn't want to give to shitty posts that I wrote just for the sake of it. I am however, really active on my writing page on Instagram. The username is veinsofstardust for those of you who didn't know. I don't really know what to write even now. My story has been on hold since March I guess (not that any of you really care about it lol) 

Because I have no idea what to say, I'll take up a viewer request and tell you about my relationship which is now in its 11th month.

I met Anthony in September 2015. Those who know me already know the story of how I met him. My cousin introduced us. He was two years senior to her in school. (Oh and yeah, he's a Brit who lives in the US but is right now in Melbourne for volunteer work. Such a good …

Body Image

So a couple of days back a weird thing happened to me. I was talking to a friend of mine and we got to the topic of food and meals and stuff. I personally have three meals a day, two glasses of milk and a snack in the evening which I think is good enough. But then he said something that actually pissed me off. "Yeah that's good but you look malnourished." LIKE WTF? Do you know how bad I felt? Okay to give you perspective, I'm 5'2", 90 pounds, 24" waist and 26" right above the hip. I'm tiny, I agree but I'm healthy. I'm not anorexic, anemic or bulimic. I AM HEALTHY. I have above average stamina, I participate in sports, I exercise daily. I am anything but malnourished and I love my body just the way it is. I used to think I'm too skinny but now I love me. 

Same goes for the people who weigh more than average, if you're healthy and you body is not misbehaving then fuck the haters and the people who say you need to loose weight, If …

Crappy Days

Do you ever feel like you're a convenience? Like people only talk to you because you're in front of them? Lately I've been feeling that even though I shouldn't because I have great friends and family and they care but you one once in a while it wouldn't hurt them to show it. It's been what, a week since since school broke for summer and guess how many times somebody has started a personal conversation with me. Twice. I don't know why I'm felling extra crappy about it today but for once I'd like to be a priority to someone. 

My boyfriend's nan died two weeks so he's with his family and for that I really can't blame him. Each person has a coping mechanism and he chose to shut down and I respect that.  

i don't know what to do really. I'm a very social person, I like talking. It's not that I can't spend time with myself (I love me time) but you know that too gets draining after a while. 

Sometimes I feel like I give people way …

List #9

6 Ways To Survive A  Long Distance Relationship 

1. Find a messenger that works for the both of you. A few examples are WhatsApp, Kik, imo, Viber and shiz like that. I highly recommend WhatsApp because it practically has everything except for video calling which bring me to my next point. (Not Snapchat because we all know you'd want to re read your conversation over and over)

2. Skype. It's your saving grace. Now, I only recommend Skype for video calling. I really don't like the texting interface, The face to face (well, over the web face to face) is so important. It gives a sense of closeness that you can't really get otherwise.

NOTE: DON'T BE CLINGY. DON'T BE EXCESSIVE IN TEXTING/CALLING. But also wish each other good morning or good night regularly even if you don't talk during the day.

3. Letters. Write to them! And don't courier the letter that's hella expensive, send it via normal post. I know it'll take a lot of stamps but it's still chea…

Short Pieces #2

Hope you like em, till next time, this is me signing off! xo

Sophomore Year

As the name clearly tells you, I've started my 10th grade at school. It started about a week ago and frankly, I'm so in love with it already. The people are amazing and everyday is filled with laughs and pranks and funny fights. I've known these people for just over a year now but honestly, it seems much longer than that. I'd never trade them for anyone else. As a class, we stand united. We win together, we lose together, we have fun together and at the end of the day, that's what it really is about. Being together. Some people fail to grasp the concept of it. 

Most of our junior are tattletales. They tell on every fun thing that happens (well, they're not wrong, some fun things are against the rules, but we'll get to that later) and get the whole class into trouble and I'm here like 'bitch, no. That is gonna get you nowhere.'  I don't mean that you shouldn't cover up a murder, when things gets really nasty, sometimes you need to get an a…

"You're Always Better Off With A Really Good Lie."

That title is taken from Pretty Little Liars and was the essence of the said show. But we all know what happened to them? They didn't have very good lives did they?

Have you ever lived in a lie? If you say you haven't, you are either deceiving yourself or you haven't reached to that point yet. Each and every one of us will experience it someday. This post is not really a confessional but rather an observation. Although I do admit I have lied before and it wasn't pretty. I didn't get caught in it but it left me feeling guilty af and my mind was just exhausted. 

Just imagine one day you're all alone with nothing to do and suddenly something spectacular and amazing happens but it only lasts for a couple of days. Only you know what happened, no one else has a clue. Now you can do two things. First, to cherish it and go back to your normal life or second, which is the more dangerous and nasty way, is to start building up on that event in your head. You'll add deta…

Monthly Favs #4

Let's just get this done. I have Math Syllabus to start and complete for my final that's in 2 days. 

Will tbh, I haven't started using it yet. I'll use it after my finals are done. But I did start it up and check if it worked alright and it was frankly awesomesauce. I bought the Gionee Marathon M5 Lite for Rs 12K which is like 170 USD or something and it has a 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory, SD card slot for upto 128GB, Res 1080x1920, HD recording, 8MP rear and 5MP front camera. And it's golden. Like what more can you ask for in such a reasonable price?

2. (Book) The Notebook
Yep. I finally read it. (HOW FREAKING LATE RIGHT?) I don't need to explain this other than it did inspire the post "Pages Of Our Lives" and it took me like 5 hours to read it.