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Hey people of the internet! How're you doing? Good? I hope so. I hope each and everyone of you is having a good day and if not, I hope it gets better. I'm just going to ramble for a few, this isn't a proper post, sorry. 

So I had this thought the other day about destiny (or fate). There are two ways to think of it. 
First is that we make our destiny. Everything thing we do, every decision we take, is creating a future for us. We are shaping our fate with every thought we have. 
The second way is that fate is predetermined.  There is a place where we are supposed to reach and we do not have any choice but to follow the path that is laid out for us. We might think we have a say but we don't. There might be many doors in front of us but those doors ultimately lead to the same path that was set for us. 
Personally, I believe in the second way. We might think 'life is what you make it" but in reality, everything you'll ever achieve, people you'll meet, people you'll fall in love with, they are sent your way by destiny. You can have a different view on that, I will totally respect that. 

I broke up with my boyfriend last month (24th or 25th I think). I'm almost over it and totally not rebounding even though I have someone in mind that I want to try things out with. I just want to heal myself first and then look for something else. It wasn't a bad breakup. In fact, it was pretty amicable and decent. Still, I can't believe we lasted more than a year long distance. I wish him all the health and happiness. 

School had been great. I aced all my exams that took place back in September. Everyone is 
doing good. I've made another close friend, she's pretty sweet. 

Okay what else.

I started watching Attack On Titans. It's thrilling and amazing and I wish I could watch it on a movie screen lol


That's about it I guess. I'll see you soon hopefully, till then, this is me signing off! xo


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