Demons In Disguise

Damn Right!

In the last couple of weeks, my so called "good friends" started making fun of me behind my back...Fast forward to now a quarter of my class thinks that I am trying to break friendships up and stuff (Which I am clearly not). This made me think why do people just start boycotting you for no apparent reason-that is a real reason and not a imaginary one. I didn't ask for my friend's guy to start liking me when i clearly don't see him that way, I didn't ask someone else's friend to start hanging out with me because I understand her better, and I didn't bitch about anyone just for fun. 

They talk about me and those who defend me behind our backs but you know what? This only proves that they have no aim and nothing to do  and that they (instead of living) are wasting their precious time to make fun of someone who doesn't even care. Well, in my case I have to bare this for only a couple of months which probably tangible. But for everyone out there who is going through this for a long time with no hope of this ending soon; I say to you: Everything is temporary in life...even the pain and hurt. 

And to all my homies my advice for these kindda days is: Kutiyan to gand karti hi hain..unse door raha karo ( If you cant understand what I said, don't worry. It's Hindi) 

Until next time this is me signing off. (Sorry couldn't post for a month..I had my SA's)


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