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"You're Always Better Off With A Really Good Lie."

That title is taken from Pretty Little Liars and was the essence of the said show. But we all know what happened to them? They didn't have very good lives did they?

Have you ever lived in a lie? If you say you haven't, you are either deceiving yourself or you haven't reached to that point yet. Each and every one of us will experience it someday. This post is not really a confessional but rather an observation. Although I do admit I have lied before and it wasn't pretty. I didn't get caught in it but it left me feeling guilty af and my mind was just exhausted. 

Just imagine one day you're all alone with nothing to do and suddenly something spectacular and amazing happens but it only lasts for a couple of days. Only you know what happened, no one else has a clue. Now you can do two things. First, to cherish it and go back to your normal life or second, which is the more dangerous and nasty way, is to start building up on that event in your head. You'll add deta…

Monthly Favs #4

Let's just get this done. I have Math Syllabus to start and complete for my final that's in 2 days. 

Will tbh, I haven't started using it yet. I'll use it after my finals are done. But I did start it up and check if it worked alright and it was frankly awesomesauce. I bought the Gionee Marathon M5 Lite for Rs 12K which is like 170 USD or something and it has a 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory, SD card slot for upto 128GB, Res 1080x1920, HD recording, 8MP rear and 5MP front camera. And it's golden. Like what more can you ask for in such a reasonable price?

2. (Book) The Notebook
Yep. I finally read it. (HOW FREAKING LATE RIGHT?) I don't need to explain this other than it did inspire the post "Pages Of Our Lives" and it took me like 5 hours to read it.