"You're Always Better Off With A Really Good Lie."

That title is taken from Pretty Little Liars and was the essence of the said show. But we all know what happened to them? They didn't have very good lives did they?

Have you ever lived in a lie? If you say you haven't, you are either deceiving yourself or you haven't reached to that point yet. Each and every one of us will experience it someday. This post is not really a confessional but rather an observation. Although I do admit I have lied before and it wasn't pretty. I didn't get caught in it but it left me feeling guilty af and my mind was just exhausted. 

Just imagine one day you're all alone with nothing to do and suddenly something spectacular and amazing happens but it only lasts for a couple of days. Only you know what happened, no one else has a clue. Now you can do two things. First, to cherish it and go back to your normal life or second, which is the more dangerous and nasty way, is to start building up on that event in your head. You'll add details and incidents of what took place or what is still "taking place". 

You'll tell people about it with such enthusiasm that they'll have no choice but to believe you. The worst part is that you'll enjoy it. You'll enjoy having something special to tell people. But what happens when you get caught in it? Deep down you know nothing is true but you are not ready to accept it. 

My advice? Don't do it. Don't get sucked into doing something that has no productive quotient whatsoever. Your enjoyment will be shortlived and soon you'll get sick of it but you'll have no way out other than to concoct another lie to end the whole charade. It will take up time and effort and it will kill you inside... all for something that was a figment of your imagination. 

Another thing people do is take three or four ordinary happenings and gentle sew them into one whole segment. That's even more dangerous. This lie will be the death of you because the best lies come from part truth. Those true incidents, when taken together with a few details turned around will make for an amazing novel, maybe you could even write and sell it but please, for goodness sake, don't try and live in it. 

Remember one thing though, the people you lie to, are part of the lie, whether they like it or not. And when they get to know about the truth they'll think that they weren't worth the truth, which will hurt them like hell.

If you ever get the urge to do it, follow the three step mantra. 
1. Analyse if you're doing it because of boredom or because of being alone/depressed.
2. If it's boredom, find something else to do. Learn something, read, talk to people, hell, you could even binge on movies and TV and still be better off.
3. If you suffer from depression, please reach out to someone who understands and if you're alone, understand that you don't need a lie to make your life exciting, you just need to have an outlet. Get a part time job, meet new people, write, do something with that wonderful mind of yours but don't make up a fairytale. Because when it ends, you'll fall even further into the hole of loneliness

Till next time this is me signing off! xoxo. 


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