You're All You Need (Happy New Year!)

This is my non clique way of wishing you a very happy 2016. Hope you like it :)

The world if full of "what if"s and "you're wrong"s
It chews you up and spits you out.
But you have to be determined and relentless ,
Be strong enough to face the doubt.

Don't give up when the sea seems abhor,
Learn to sail across, sit tight.
Because when you reach the other shore,
You'll know that it was worth the fight.

The people around you will always judge,
They don't know your story.
You have to climb uphill, never failing to trudge,
Make them realize you're more than you seem, you can make history.

Don't be afraid of the consequences,
You'll regret it when you're old if you don't let your ambitions sing.
I think all you need is to jump in your dream,
and believe in yourself to make the perfect landing.

May all your dreams come true and may all you wish for comes to you. May you make memories make of gold and may you do things which may seem a little bold. Because before we know it, this year too shall end and it'll be just photos and past events that'll be left of it, my friend.

Hope you have a wonderful year,
The Not So Normal Gal.


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