Random Dream #1

I remember my dreams quite often. And most of them are weird af. I have decided not to stress anymore about the content of this blog and just write about what I want to remember. I hope that's okay w you.

So it started with a play rehearsal at school. It was hella odd and I had to hold hands and dance with someone who could've been rajnikant on a 5 feet high stand made of sticks. It wasn't a solid structure. It was kind that they make around buildings when it's supposed to be painted.

Anyway, after rehearsal went well, I went to inquire on some people as to why they didn't come. Somehow two of those people were a couple with apparently seven kids. (ik I'm crazy. Sue me) They were on an bus duty for four other families with seven kids ¿?¿ and therefore were handling 35 kids.

Then one of my friends, Vishal, gets Smera and I to the top floor somehow and we are standing in front of the junior wing staircase in the middle of the school. Here comes the weird part. There were two more people there. Taehyung and Yoongi from Bangtan Sonyeondan. Like whatt? Yoongi was outside and I smiled at him and went in the washroom and saw this huge chart along with two letters that were for me. It was rolled up neatly and I turned around to see Tae standing behind me and I was like "Did you do this?" He smiled like a five year old and I thanked him and hugged him. All five of us opened up the chart and they saw me react to it.

We were almost caught for bunking class but somehow we got away. And we had web tech after so we attened that.

I might be missing a detail or two but that was the best I could recall. Im sorry if reading a silly dream was not the content you were looking for. But thanks anyway if you're reading this sentence because you stuck through it! :)

Till next time, this is me, signing off x


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