She's Leaving

So one of my best friends is leaving the country as I type. She's on her way to Delhi right now to catch a flight to London and subsequently to LA where she's probably gonna live for the rest of her life but that's not the point. The point is that my ray of constant happiness is leaving. Sabrina is leaving.

Of course we'll still talk everyday and we'll be constantly snapping each other but it's not the same uk? I can't hug her. I can't eat shitty cuppa noodles with her (okay it's not that shitty but I ate em cuz she liked em) I can't have instant text replies because timezones exist, 

The first memory I have of her is hearing about her and a guy called Sarthak. I didn't know her then. I'm glad I didn't. We were completely different people then and I guess we would've hated each other. 

Fast forward to January of 2016. It was the 11th I think. We texted each other on snapchat about something and we clicked instantly. We exchanged numbers right then and she sent me loads of dubsmashes. (Remember when that was a thing?) I don't know why but I trusted her since day 1. By the end of that week we had already shared all our problems that were on the surface. 

The first time I visited her house was in April. We had to stayback in school for a play practice and I decided I'd go to her place after, By that time we already knew we were gonna stick together. I still remember how I went out of my way to compliment her grandmother on her cooking because I wanted her (the grandma) to like me (she loves me now so I guess mission accomplished?) The first ever gift I gave her was a Vanilla scented candle. It wasn't for anything specific. It was just because. And the first thing she ever gave me was a galaxy diamond painted on a cardboard which still hangs on my pinboard.

Then came her 16th which was amazing. 

Two days before the Math semester exam I went to her place because she was clueless about Trigonometry. We did actually study that day and I like to think that I helped her a tonne with that exam. 

We just grew as people together. We shared laughs, tears, memes, and love. Lots of love. I did all I could to be her shelter when things were shitty for her. And I knew I could rely on her for all the support I could ever need. I still can. And when we knew that she had to leave in following year, I tried to squeeze in as many visits as I could. We just needed time. Time that seemed to flow right out of our hands. 

Then my birthday came along and then before we knew it 10th grade was over. I slept over at her place May last week I wanna say. And we had the best time ever. It was not exciting or new. It was comfortable. We didn't need exciting. We just needed time. As much as we could get. 

I received letters for the first time today. I write a lotta letters for birthdays, for new friendships and for goodbyes but I never got any back till today. I probably didn't show it too well but on the inside I was truly grateful for someone who took the time out to make something for me. 

One the way home I told my mum something. The exact words were. "It's strange how people I was with for 5 years didn't mean as much as she did in 1.5 years" 

Now that I say it again in my head, 1.5 years. It sounds wrong. Because it has to be more than that. It at least has to be a lifetime because we know each other better than most people get to know each other in decades. In her I found a piece on me I didn't know I needed. She's always gonna be a piece to my puzzle whether she's right beside me or 10000 miles away.

I love you Sabrina, 
"Much pyaar from your saccha Pyaar"

Till next time this is me signing off, xo


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