Hannah Montana on the Radio

A couple of days ago I head the one and only (non existent entity as of now) Hannah Montana on the radio. (*HEYY GET UPPP GET LOUDDD START PUMPING UP THE PARTY NOW*) This came out in 2006. 11 freaking years ago. And here it was playing on a request-a-song radio show in 2017. Gosh. I know. Cringe. But also nostalgia. The painfully simple lyrics and the semi to full auto tuned vocals brought me back to sitting in front of the TV when I was 5, belting out near perfect renditions of all her songs (I still can btw.) 

I also made me realize just how much I miss things being "painfully simple". 

----- topic change ------

My life isn't a drama by any means even if I make it seem a bit (or a lot) dramatic on here. I'm a happy sunflower. I don't have any outstanding dreams or larger than life plans. I just really want to be happy and make others happy. I want to make cakes for bake sales and be there when people need to vent. I want to have kids that become good people and don't sue me for this statement but working 9-5 isn't something I see as horrible either. 

I'm a person of simple needs. To love and beloved. Have enough to life cozily if not lavishly and not get murdered. 

------ back to my point -----

How do things become so entangled then? How did it get this complicated?
We make them that way. We become so invested in what we think we need that we don't realize how much of ourselves we're losing along the way. 

Love (and lack there of) takes the front seat in the car that crashes into out metaphorical houses. In that car there's also depression, being broke, hopelessness. Our destiny chooses which one of these ram the car through the porch. But we chose how we rebuild and so far I'd been using all the wrong tools. 

I chose self depreciation and guilt over things not working out. I felt that somehow somewhere it's always been my fault. All of this took a turn for the worse and I was mildly depressed for a long while. I know depression isnt a term to be used lightly and hence I say "mildly" or so the NIMH says I still am. Happy and depressed can be simultaneous (the wonders of psychology dayumn) 

Anyway, my point is, we have enough to deal with already and to add to that is a horrible decision. We need to look at the bigger picture from time to time. We need to take a step back and see how transitory emotions are. Some feelings, I agree, will stay. But as for the most part, we change as people regularly. Everyday you're a little different than you were yesterday. Each experience you have will change behaviours and perception. (THIS POST IS A FUCKING MESS IM SO SORRY OML) 

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Love will come and go. People will leave you and you will leave 
people. Holding onto things that are transitory will only burn you. Be a song with simple beats which becomes a cult classic. Take care of yourself. Take a shower, change your sheets, do your laundry, stay hydrated. Cue nice posts to your tumblr, clean out your inbox, delete contacts you no longer use or want to use, paint your fucking nails if you feel like it. Just don't depend on others for you happiness, be your own happy. But what I want you to be most is to be painfully simple. Be Hannah Montana. (Not the part where she leads two lives btw, that'd be complicated af)

Till next time, this is me signing off, xo


I'm thinking of changing this blog's name. Any suggestions? You know where to find me!
Oh and to be really honest, those lyrics aren't that bad. They're cheesy bullets of motivation if you look at it from an unbiased pov.


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