Last Day Of Tenth Grade

Where I'm from, alot of people change schools after tenth grade to go to school who have a better faculty for their subjects of choice. (Yes, we get to choose subjects in 11th grade, not before that). I'm staying where I am though. (For those who are curious, I'll be taking Sociology, Psychology, Web Technology, Economics and English, which is compulsory.) And I still have to take my finals but I think I should document that last actual day.
BTW, I'm just gonna use real names because I don't want to forget who did what when I read this in the future.

Well here's how the last working day of 10th went.

We had all decided to get a spare school tshirt to write wishes and stuff on. So we got those and kept them away for a later hour. 

In the fourth period, our class teacher (Preeti Ma'am) came into the room. She made us tell stories about the past years and how they have shaped us. Shashvat told us about the first day he came to school in fourth grade and how he was sitting on the first bench and how he met Aryan (they are still bros for life if you're wondering). How Aryan was crying and not letting go of his mom even though he was 9 not 3. How Aryan once pushed Shashvat and he fell and started crying then Aryan started crying too. How they once got into a fight about a computer book. Then Puneet came up and told his little tales. How they once in 8th grade, before summer, went up to the corridor with the labs and slid across the floor and Ajitesh crashed into the Chem lab's door and it broke but all of them never got caught.Then Ajitesh (HE IS SO AGGRESSIVE I CANT EVEN TELL YOU) came. Surprisingly he was emotional too. How he called Aarti maam by snapping his fingers. And well they also talked about Amrit and how Ajitesh and him fought once and it was like Kali Maata (Look her up, she's a ferocious goddess) has possessed Amrit. Haha I remember when that actual fight happened. It was a sight to see.

Then Ma'am asked them about the girls and who they were closest too. That's when things got shaky for me. They said "Well they're all close but..." Ma'am completed their sentence by saying, "Shreya, right?" They all said yes. Shashvat said I'm really supportive and Aryan said that I was the most mature and had the best judgement. Mind you, I was almost crying by then. I was so touched that they'd  think so highly of me. And also note that there were like 40 kids in the class all of whom were emotional af. We had all been together for 2 years (at least me, some went back like 5, 7, 12 years even). 

She called me up to say stuff and I'll tell you exactly what I said and then I'll tell you the translation. I was standing there with the guys beside me and looking toward all the people who have made me who I am today. Past 2 years, everyday, 7-8 hours a day. You're bound to love all of them no matter how annoying or fucked up they are. 

I stood there and started with my eyes wet, "Mai iss class main 9th main aai thi. Mera dosti se poora vishvaas uth chuka tha, don't ask me way, bohot lambi kahani hai. I still remember, the first day of 9th grade was Aalya's birthday. I knew ke uske birthday tha so I went upto her like bhai bhai bhai... happy birthday. haha  Smera ko main saat saal se janti hun. Jo aryan wala group hai, sabko hasata hai, agar panga pad jae, to Pranav Aditya ke paas jao, gaana gaane ka man kare to Anisha ke paas and agar rona ho to *pointing at Aalya and Raisa* isnke paas." 

{Translation: I came to this class in 9th. My faith in friendship was broken, don't ask me why, it's a long story. I still remember, the first day of 9th grade was Aalya's birthday. I knew that it was so I went upto her like bro bro bro...Happy Birthday. haha I have known smera for 7 years now. Aryan's group makes everyone laugh. If you end up in a fight go to Pranav and Aditya. If you feel like singing, got to Anisha and if you feel like crying then to these people *Pointing at Raisa and Aalya*"}

That's when maam said, "Are there like actual departments?" We were all like YESS. I'd like to say that even tho I just named a couple in my "speech" I actually am attatched to all 40 of my classmates. Then we went on to remember this one time in 9th grade. It was Chhavi Maam's period (She teaches us Physics) and out of nowhere, this high pitched sound comes out of the last row. She demanded to know who it was and threatened to send that entire row out if they didn't fess up. Guess what they didn't and the whole row went out hahaha after, she said to write the name on the person on chits but they just wrote Me on all of them. 

At one point, I just stood at the back, Pranav was on his seat and I said, "oddly, I feel content rather than sad" You could see all people talking and laughing regardless of what their usual friend group was. All 40 souls were united at that moment. I felt this sinking feeling that I might never feel this again. 

Gosh I'll miss them all so much. 

Then after the break we got two P.E. periods. We went to the ground and wrote on each other's shirts like we had decided. That they wrote, I'll not disclose on here. It's safe in my closet at the back only to be taken one when I'm feeling nostalgic. And well the day ended and at Dispersal we got our class teacher to click photos and Shashvat put on "See You Again" on the AV speaker. We were all like Awww and started singing along and got more pictures taken. People were crying, hugging, laughing. and well all in all it was a day to be remembered. 

Oh and I made like 50 freaking fudge balls and the entire class loved it.

I can never forget these two years. 16th February 2017 will be a day that I'll lokk back upon fondly. These people raised me. Made me confident in who I was. Made me love the way I smile and laugh and and and mostly, they loved me when I felt no one did. They picked me up and I gave them all the support and the love that I could. 

High school here isn't like high school in the US. We don't make 4 friends, we make a family of 40. We stick together. At least that's what 10th B did. Even if all of us might never be in the same room again, I'll never forget the days that we were in one.

[Sorry for any typos, I'm not going to spell check this, it'll just make me sadder]
Till next time, this is me signing off. xoxo


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