2 Years and 15 Days (Give or Take) + A Year Before If That Counts

As I write this I'd like to thank the girl who reminds me constantly why I write. She reminds me why I record memories into words and those words into this website or in smaller pieces on some other social media. Whether it be in a cryptic manner or in a raw unadulterated way, I have managed to type out all major landmarks in my life in the past 3 years or so. Now I know why.

Just a couple of minutes ago she texted me with screenshots of two posts. "Shit Happens" and "Last Day Of Tenth Grade" and she thanked me for writing those two posts. Reality is, in those two posts you can see how much changed. Aalya, you have become so much and this post is for you. (I'm sorry if some or most of this doesn't make sense to you, stranger on the internet, this is one of the most specific posts I've ever written, you can totally hate me for not being relatable)

I can't describe our friendship because my words won't do it justice. But I can at least list out the major memories of us, can't I? Get ready to shed some waterworks.

I think it was seventh or eighth grade, I can't quite put my finger on it but we started talking on Facebook about Pretty Little Liars and other shows and books. We decided that I'd give her downloaded stuff on a pendrive before homeroom the next day. Which I did. That is the first memory we have.

Then after a couple of months we met again at the same theater. We had come with different groups, both of which were celebrating birthdays and we just smiled at each other. The birthday girl of her group, is now a sweet part of my life too. We joke to this day that we saw the movie Khoobsurat "together".

And then we kind of forgot about each other.
Till we found out we would be in the same class in ninth grade. Then started the semi constant messaging on Whatsapp.

It was her birthday, the first day of grade 9, and as soon as she entered I called out to her and wished her. I remember her expression, she was kind of weirded out to be honest. Maybe she was just confused but that's how we began again. We never really talked much, just greeted each other from time to time.

Then came the first  week of may. You can go to the post "Shit Happens" to read what happened. I'm grateful still for what happened. I still include this incident whenever I write letters for her birthday. This was our day. This was what changed us. Second Row, Second Bench. That's our motto. (To those who don't know what I'm talking about, again sorry. Being extremely specific here)

I remember before summer break, we were all sitting in a circle just laughing. Aditya was cracking horrible jokes and disecting my compass, I faintly remember someone throwing water all over but maybe that's just my imagination, I don't have much recollection of what happened or what we all were talking about but it was on helleva day. I might not know what took place exactly but I can remember exactly how I FELT. How WE FELT. It was amazing.

Nothing major happened for a couple of months then. We grew closer everyday and shared quite alot.

Then one day my heart got messed up by a really random proclamation of love by a guy who I had almost gotten over. He had a girlfriend and I was to be fair, just done with it all. I didn't want to deal, so I called you. I called you and I poured my heart out. It was somewhere around September/October. You heard me cry for the first time.

After that it was like something broke. It was that last level of formality we had. Now every topic was open for discussion and every emotion could be shared. You called me whenever you felt overwhelmed. You trusted me. I helped you through the phase of he who must not be named. You helped me through Brandon.

Sports day of Ninth Grade was a day that I wish I could relive. The thrill of coming out on top and just sitting in the sun. That was the day our section as a whole came together,

Exams ended and it was your birthday again. I gave you a book and a laminated A3 sheet with lettering on it. You still have it on your table I guess. I also gave you a letter. I thanked you in it. I guess I recounted memories and I hoped that we stay strong and we did. We all went to the mall to watch Kapoor and Sons and you know how I despise accidents in movies. It was a good day. It felt good.

10th grade is sort of a blur to me to be honest. Because it came and went too quickly. But I think I can take some words to mention the endless singing on texts by Raisa and I that irritated you and Smera. The long phone calls about nothing. The group projects and the plans about sleepovers that never quite happened. The dreams about a tour of the world. It is a kiddish dream but I hope we can make it come true. Even if it is halfway across the world. Oh and the dance practices for the Hindi play back in 9th. Those were some fun days weren't they? Sitting with the whole gang on that cage type thing in the playgroud will always something I'll reminisce.

The trip to Kurukshetra was in 10th I guess? The 2 and a half hours worth of deejay and the overpriced coffee at a stop is all that I can remember.

The one thing that strikes me is the week you were having a cold war with your best friend. I sat with you the entire week and you said nothing almost all day for those 5 days. You were miserable and you apologized all the time for not being upto talking and I reassured you over and over about how it was okay. You were okay and the cold war ended soon enough.

All the hard work we put into the Noise Pollution board was totally useless but that deserves a mention too here. And the work we put into the board inside as well. The endless banter with Sapna Ma'am and the constant nagging by Garima Ma'am won't ever be forgotten. "Tum to rikshaw chalane layak bhi nai ho" LMAO I still laugh when I think about days like those. Making those two hugeass charts for Raisa was something that came to my mind just now. We wracked our brains hard for those, didn't we? Sports Day, 10th grade, not quite as successful as the last one but still, we had fun.

Before we knew it, finals were here again. Refer to "Last Day of Tenth Grade" for the scoop on that.
We were emotional fucks. Your birthday was upon us yet again and I got you the the one piece you never let me post because "Shreya, you HAVE to save it for me okay?" I saved it for you, for about an year and gave it to you framed and everything. And I hope youre enjoying your mermaid blanket, Miss Oppo. There was a letter this time too. A bit longer this time, a bit more emotional. Even as I'm typing this out, I'm almost teary eyed. Everything is so vivid in my mind. Even the mostly non exciting days.

I'm still here if you need help with working an Android and with any math problems you have even though I haven't taken math and just google the question you need. I night not get it but I know how to work a search engine lol

Talking about my everchanging An Ocean Too Far plot with you is something I cherish. You helped me though my writer's block and you are my biggest fan till date. I hope you stay Aalya, I really do.
I hope I can write you letters every birthday and I hope you call me whenever your fam has cruveballs thrown at it. Thank your mum for me. She's the one who made you and gave you values. The same values my mum gave to me. We might be really different but at our cores, we're the same. That's why I don't try making an aesthetic for you, because it's be the same as mine (except I'll have to take out K-Pop and put in Arijit Singh)

But here we are, after about 3 years, we're still okay. From Pretty Little Liars to being what we are now. It's been a long and yet short journey. I love you, Aalya Bhusari. Stay with me?

Till next time, this is me signing off! xo
PS I know you're crying by now, Aalu, I'm sorry and thank you.
(Excuse any typos or grammatical errors, I'm sure there are many)


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