Getting Things Going.

You might think that it's stupid to wait for something forever. Well, in my case, I've been waiting for something that I know is never gonna happen since December. (Its not forever, but you get the picture.) While waiting, I realized that its not stupid. This process says a lot about who you are. In my opinion, if you wait for what you want and work for it, you are hopeful, optimistic, and a good person. (If you have the right intentions.) I say this because I have seen many people go through this. Hoping is never a bad thing. A little good hope never hurt anybody :). In the end you might not get what you asked for or prayed for or waited all this while for, but at least you tried. I have always believed that if you are unable to achieve something GOOD, there is always something GREAT in store for you. Giving it a shot and failing beats the hell out of never trying. So, this is just the beginning. Hope for the best and don't get down if you don't you fail because things work out not the way you want to but in a way that's best for you
 Keep Smiling!


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