If you are an active tumblr user you probably know about ‪#‎leelah‬ and how she has suffered. This society is broken. Every aspect of it needs fixing. One of them is gender acceptance. LGBT is REAL people. Everyone knows that but not everyone is ready to admit it. They say "Be Yourself" but how can this be remotely possible if the world is boycotting people just because they were different. They are people too and no one deserves to suffer they way ‪#‎leelahalcor‬ has. SHE committed suicide because she thought there way no other way. We need to fix this. We need to accept people for who they are and not be biased on the sexual orientation of people. WE NEED TO MAKE HER DEATH MEAN SOMETHING. Repost if you are with LGBT people and let's make this world a safer place for all.‪#‎peaceout‬ 

Leelah's Suicide Letter 


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