So um, this is going to be really cheesy. I don't normally do cheesy but you know, once in a while the "tumblr girl" in me manages to write a couple of lines that the normal me finds disgustingly adorable. So here we go, a ticket to "cute tumblr wonderland."

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is awake;
awake because my image can't leave their eyes. 
Sometimes I wonder if anyone is afraid;
afraid to talk to me because they think they mess up everything they say.
Because I am always up at night, daydreaming,
About someone who makes my insides turn to mush.

But I've never heard of anyone crushing on me except the guy from 2 years ago, I don't even really care about that but it's such a rush.
Because that's not a problem, that's not even an issue 
I love myself completely but I can't help but wonder if someone out there likes me too.

Sometimes I just wish,
wish for someone with whom I'll drive all night with.
We'll laugh with one another, play tricks and joke around 
see into each other's souls, knowing that this is where we belong.

I'm not the famous one or the prettiest in town,
but inside of me is a wonderful person just waiting to be found.
I sometimes find myself thinking about him,
but him is still a question mark; I don't know if I've met him yet.

All those adorable fantasies just run across my mind,
and I hope that someday, somewhere I'll meet the soul that was meant for me, a puzzle piece waiting to be set.

He'll be imperfect in the most perfect of ways,
He'll make me smile, he'll brighten and fasten my days.
The day I meet him could be tomorrow or could be a decade away,
But that doesn't stop a teenage girl from dreaming even if it's just for play.

So yeah, that's all that the mushy me was able to write. Hope it's not too... you know... fairy tale like. Till next time this is me signing off! XOXO 


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