I am not here to talk about Katy Perry's single. It's much more complicated than that. It's about loving someone unconditionally, which to me, personally, seems like total and utter BS.

There I said it. Please don't sue me. I don't want to offend anyone. I have opinions and I'm absolutely certain there are million or even billions of people who would disagree with me. 

I'm not this person who hates the idea of love or loving someone no matter what. As a matter of fact, I find the idea very comforting but if someone treats you like garbage and you still love that person them you need help my friend because you might be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or some other condition like that. 

Loving someone 'unconditionally' means there are absolutely no conditions what so ever. Will they provide for you? Don't care. Will they love you like you love them? Doesn't matter. Will they even give a damn? No use. That's what 'unconditionally' really means. Give it a thought, do you like that image? I think not. 

Every relationship has conditions. For instance, every friend you have has a purpose or some sort of connection with you. The guy who helps you with your assignments. The girl who helps you get through drama. Those twins who make you day brighter. You get the picture. I'm not just talking about romantic relationships. Terms and conditions apply EVERYWHERE. 

Okay so there are cases where people sacrifice their happiness for the happiness of the ones they love. They don't expect anything in return. There are only four cases when this happens. 
1. When someone is moving away. Like faaaaar away.
2. When they know they won't be able to keep them happy. 
3. When they're dying. (My favourite movie "Kal Ho Na Ho" is an example. But nevermind.)
4. If they have given birth to the other person, i.e. the parents. 

Other than those four situations, nobody falls in love without expecting anything.

Another case you might see everyday is when girls/guys are with complete doucebags. Maybe that doucebag is a person who is BAD when he/she is bad but when they're good, there's no one better. (Does that make any sense?)

I don't really know any of you understood what I'm trying to say. Do you? I hope you do. I am all for love but the idea of 'unconditional' eludes me.

Till next time this is me signing off! XOXO

And I'm sooooooo sorry I couldn't post an actual post for over 10 days. I've just been too busy. :/ I've posted 7 chapters on Wattpad so far and school work has been piling up so at least I have a legit reason. Again, so so sorry. 
Much love,
The Not-So-Normal Gal <3 


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