In Retrospect

So hey, I know I said that I would disappear in September but then I couldn't stay an entire month without writing. So here I am telling you about a stupid decision I made like an hour ago. That decision was thinking in retrospect.

So as you know my friend circle has changed drastically over the past year. A lot of new faces, which frankly are better than the previous ones have come into my weird life and so far I'm loving it. But there are these smidgens of information that I have about the people that have left my side. I went through my phone gallery yesterday and after a while of scrolling I found these great pictures. Pictures that had faces I wanted to forget. And that led me to think that even though I don't talk to them anymore, I still see them from across a hallway, in the canteen, at a school assembly and I think, "I still know who her brother's favourite artist is," or "I hope his dog is okay," or "I wonder if she is still crazy for the colour purple."

I know I sound a little off the hook but bare with me. 

Even if we don't talk, even if we avoid each other whenever we see each other, we still know random facts. Facts like their taste in music or what breed their dog is or their address or their pet peeves. I could list a tonne of more random things I know about people I don't talk to anymore. But that doesn't matter. This is not a rant. This is just something that feels weird to me. How can people know so much about each other and still decide to walk away? That's all for today I guess.

Till next time this is me signing off! XOXO 


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