Question Hour

Well to be honest, no one asks me questions about me. But I think it would be cool to answer a few questions that may have come to your mind because hello? It's a great idea for a post XD

1. How old are you?
- I turn 15 in January 2016 :) 

2. Do you prefer dressing up or going casual?/ Heels or Converse?
- I'm all about the sweatshirt life but if there's a party I need to go to, you can be hella sure I'm gonna look fine af. And I love both, my Converse and my heels. WHOOP WHOOP!

3. Where do you live?
- Chandigarh, India and proud of it. 

4. Are you good at school?
- Honours roll baby! (To put it simply, yes, I am)

5. Do you put on make up?
- Um, almost never, (Just forget "almost". I don't think lip balm is considered as make up)

6. Do you have a boyfriend?
- Nope. And I don't want/need one either. But that doesn't stop me from looking at sexy faces and appreciating them XD

7. Instagram or Snapchat?
- Insta all the way! 

8. Do you watch YouTube?
- Hell Yeah! And I waste a lot of time watching too. Like embarrassingly a lot. I can name two dozen YouTubers I love right here but then no one wants to know, right? 

9.  Favourite TV shows?
- There's a whole post about that. Check out the post I wrote before this one :) 

10. Two random thing about you.
- a) Even though I know that "ciao" means hello in Italian, I always use it as a goodbye. I know. I'm hella weird. 
b)I love fixing people. I can listen to people talk about their problems and offering solutions and consolations. Also, I'm a great sounding board.  

11. Pizza or Burger?
- PIZZA and if it has extra cheese... *praise the lord*

12. Favourite sport?
- I love watching soccer, basketball (I used to play both of 'em but I kindda lost touch with that side of me :/) and gymnastics but I love doing (is that the right verb for this?) athletics :) 

13. Favourite all time artists/bands?
- Taylor Swift, Union J, Ella Henderson, One Direction, Hunter Hayes, Simple Plan, Maroon 5, JTimberlake, Only The Young, Ellie Goulding, Rachel Platten, The Vamps, OneRepublic, Hot Chelle Rae (AND SO MANY OTHER I CAN'T EVEN)

14. Dream destination?
- NYC (I've dreamed of going there since the beginning of time), UK, Rome and Japan 

15. Do you have friends that you haven't actually met?
- Yes. They're legit (in case you were wondering) and some of them are really good friends too :)

16. Dream date?
- Okay I have three scenarios (Partner in crime, if you're reading this gimme a high five, you know who you are) a) Making pancakes and jamming out to songs in our sweatshirts and PJs
b) TV with Pizza and cuddling
c) Midnight long drive on a starry night when we can just stop in the middle of mowhere and lie on top of the car and just stay there. (How tumblr-y is that? Sheesh.)
So future bae, take notes haha XD

17. How tall are you?
- 5'2" (157 cms to be exact.. that's a tiny winy bit less than 5'2'' but...oh well). *sigh* Yes, I know I'm tiny but I might become taller, right? I still have three years to grow! *crosses fingers*

18. What else are you good at beside writing, school and athletics?
- Public speaking, deligation, singing, and sometimes when I'm feeling good I draw well, procrastination and texting. I'm a fabulous texter lol

19. If you could end one epidemic/catastrophe  in the world, what would it be?
- Poverty/Hunger

20. Lastly, what would you want to say to all the people who read this blog?
- First of all, thank you so damn much for taking the time out to read my rants and frustrations which are this blog. You mean the world to me. Secondly, don't care what other people think. YOU MATTER. You can be who ever you want to be and nothing should stop you from being that person. Live your dreams. And lastly, It's okay to be insecure but you are who you are for a reason and you should be happy that you are alive. You might be going through a lot but eventually, the good days will come and you should be around when that happens. Love yourself no matter what because someone out there loves you. 


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