Forever. It's such a simple word. It's a promise till the end of time. It's a commitment. Forever is not always perfect though, sometimes we can experience a forever in a single second. Sometimes, the perfect moments can seem like an eternity. Those moments are the ones that stay with you even if the person with whom you made those memories decide to go. There will be a day when you meet someone who will make your heart race and your soul yearn. But forever is not a guarantee. Promises are broken and people leave. The very people who said, "Forever. Always. Till the time I breathe." Well, they leave. But I don't want a lifetime worth of promises. It doesn't matter, a happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. Don't promise me, show me. All you have to do is stay. Stay and I'll know that you mean forever. Stay and you'll have me, forever. 

From the book 'Hunting Season' by Beau Taplin


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