The Longbottoms

This is not some life experience or an intellectual post. Just a rant about something that has been bothering me ever since I've been a potterhead. 

So as you might know, a lot of stuff from the books didn't make it into the movies, for example, Peeves, Voldemort's backstory, Harry's sassiness. But what bothers me the most is that they completely looked over the detailed story about the Longbottoms. The "fans" who have just watched the movies have so little knowledge about what Neville was going through. They just think that he's a kid who lives with his grandmother, no big deal. 

Well, I'm here to enlighten the lot of you. 

Alice and Frank Longbottom

The Longbottoms were a part of the fight against Voldemort. They were one of the bravest people out there. But they got captured and when they refused to give up even the slightest bit of information, they were tortured into insanity. They didn't even remember their own son. That's why Neville lives with the Grandma. Big deal yet? No? Then let me elaborate this topic a little more.  His parents are not dead but their state is far worse than death. The live but they are not really living. Their son visits them in the hospital and all he gets is toffee wrappers He loved his parents so much. Even though he didn't get what he wished for, he still went. still loved. You could think about how many other people would react. They would start hating everyone around them. "Why me? Why not them?" But Neville was different. He cared for almost everybody. He didn't see the bad side of things. Just that his parents gave up something for the greater good. That was enough for enough for him. He didn't beg for attention. No one even knew about his parents till Harry and the Weaselys visiting Arthur saw him visiting them at the hospital. He didn't tell anybody. Just think about what he might have went through. Big deal yet? Yes.
Neville Longbttom
He fought the same way his parents did. He never gave into the death-eater teachers that were forcing seniors to torture juniors at Hogwarts. He never gave in and got beat up for it, ALOT. Sometimes they would even torture him but remembering his parents made him able to bare it all. He was not going to give up the person he was. His parents didn't and he wanted to make them proud. When Harry was though to have been dead, he was the one who stood in  front of everyone alone and said that Harry's death was not in vain and that everything they have done so far should not go to waste. He destroyed one of the horcruxes. He was a true Gryffindor. DO YOU EVEN COMPREHEND HOW HARD THAT MUST HAVE BEEN? This part was in the movies but now you know why he did what he did all those years. He supported, cared and fought. He did it for his parents. And finally, his mother said a single word to him. A word he would remember forever. "Proud." In the midst of their state, they still felt what an honorable man Neville had become. The Potters were brave but the Longbottoms were even braver. 

So what I want you to do is try and read the series if you liked the movies. Just do it. You'll know so much more about the brave things everyone did. The Longbottoms were overlooked, yes. But that doesn't make me admire them less. 

Till next time this is me signing off! XO
If you like this sort of fandom related or character depth showing posts, lemme know. I'll be happy to provide. :)


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