List #7 (Christmas 2015!)

It's finally here. Christmas. One of my favourite holidays of the year. Now, I'm not a Christian but Christmas isn't just about religion. It's about togetherness, and having fun with all the people you hold dear. Frankly, I like Winters more than I Summers. (Even though we don't get to wear shorts or go to the pool and stuff). I'm a Winter baby. (January 27th is my day) and I think that's another reason I love Christmas. Even though we don't celebrate it much where I'm from, I like to think someday I'll live somewhere where it is celebrated. (Don't get me wrong, I love Hindu festivals too and I enjoy celebrating them.) 

I had a dream the other day. I was in New York City. It was Christmas time and I was with someone (who was it? I can't remember for the life of me but I'm 89% sure it was a guy) ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre. VERY CLIQUE. Then we roamed around, looking at the shop displays and it started to snow. It was amazing and I think I want that to be true someday. Wait, no. I KNOW I want it to be true. 

You might not know this but I have never seen snow. I'm not talking about hailstones. We get those alot. But actual snow? Nope. Nada. Zilch. I've never seen it in reality. Not falling snow, not fallen snow, no snowmen. I have never been to hill stations or snowy places in the winter time. 

Woah, I went way off topic here. 

So back to the actual post. Today I'm gonna list 5 of my favourite Christmas-y things to do. These are what everybody does but hey, it's okay! So here goes. 

1. Christmas Jumpers: Whether they be ugly, cool, or traditional. I love wearing them. I own just one and that too is in a horrible state. I need to get a new one. Too late for this year though. I'll have to pick some up at clearance sales haha XD

2. Christmas Movies: They just get you into the mood. Some of my favourite are Polar Express, Santa Clause, Home Alone: 3, Love Actually, and New Year's Eve (It's not a C - Movie but nevermind), 
P.S, Even Harry Potter movies are great for this time of the year. Do you have any idea how cool the Great Hall looks for Christmas?!

Note: I'm just gonna use 'C' for Christmas now. Kay?

YEP! That's what a Hogwats Christmas look like!
3. The Tree: Decorating the C Tree is one of the most fun things that exist. I love doing it. I don't follow a theme as many people do though. I just throw on whatever ornaments I have and spice it up with fairy lights. I looks really cute at the end of it, trust me. 

Image result for baking christmas tumblr4. BAKING: I love baking. Those of you who know me, will know exactly how much I love it. Red Velvet and Vanilla with choco chips are bae. I like baking cookies, cupcakes, muffins, puddings, and well anything else that's bake-able. And if it's C themed, the even better

Image result for gifts christmas tumblr
5. The Gifts: I enjoy gift giving just as much I like receiving gifts. Most of my friends think I'm a fantastic gift giver. But It's not just about giving gifts to your friends and family. You should give to the poor and the needy too. It will warm your heart. 

So that's all for the day! Hope you enjoyed this little post and I'll see ya soon! 
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D :D oh, And a very happy new year too :)


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