Hey people of the internet! How are you today? I hope you're well and that everything is going for you. And if that's not the case then I hope you know, it's gonna be okay. 

Well, that was not the starting I had imagined... Take two?

First post in December, 12th day of the 12th Month! *realizes*... the 12th This year went by really quick to be honest. I still can't process that it's going to be 2016 on calendars in 19 days. Like how is this even a thing? 19 days and 2015 will be just another year that went past. Just another date in the old new diaries (does that make sense?) that we keep to doodle in because we never got around to actually using them in 2015. 

But you know what I think about this year? It changed me completely. I'm so much more confident in myself now. So much more open to new ideas and new people. One thing is strange though, looking back at my birthday pictures from Jan 2015, and to imagine what my birthday will look like next month... the only thing that'll still be there is me. To see who I started this year with and whom I'm ending it with is really crazy. 

I'm rambling aren't I? 

This year has been a funhouse. You know the ones that are at the circus with the freaky mirrors and clowns? This is not exactly a good comparison but I've got nothing else in mind. It showed me sides of myself that I didn't even know existed. I helped people to be more happy, to be who they really are. I helped people in changing. And that makes me happy. Change is a good thing. If you die like the person you were born then what was the point of living?

Let me tell you the things I've done this past year (you might now all of these but I just want to list them all out)
1. I made a lot new friends and left a lot behind.
2. I'm happier than I was last year because of number 1
3. I've made friends overseas. They turned out to be really cool and are very good friends of mine now. 
3. I realized that life doesn't have to be fair. 
4. I also realized that you just need yourself to be happy. (And maybe a couple of TV shows and books but you know what I mean)
5. I successfully converted three of my skeptical friends into proud potterheads.
6. I helped someone to come out of depression and a friend to stop cutting.
7. and so I learned what's it fells to be this close to losing someone to depression.
8. Which led me to a deep train of thought and revelations that is, you just need someone to care. 
9. I can proudly say that I'm Pro LGBT even though I'm straight. Which is how the the world should be. It's not just about this particular cause. You don't need to be one of the affected to support the people who are. 
10. I'm into hand lettering. 
11. I discovered that I had it in me to write beautifully. a) A novel's on the way. b) This blog. and c) short pieces that I post on Instagram and am planning to post some here. 
and lastly, 
12. I found me. 

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself. Sometimes you are faced with a storm just so you can figure out how to navigate through it. Most of the people give up or don't care but sometimes, just sometimes, at the end of the storm, the race, the year, you find you who you want to be for the rest of your being.

Till next time this is me signing off! 



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