List #8 (Levels Of Friendship)

Hey hey hey!! What's up people of the internet!? So just to clarify something, this is not a universal chart to friendship. Everyone has different levels and these are just mine. I was watching JustTom's videos on YouTube (Go check him out! Click here to watch this awesomesauce person!) and this idea stuck me that everyone has levels of friendships and so here we are. Leggo.

Numero uno: The Chin Jut
So this is the stage where you don't really talk other than saying hello once in a while or maybe even good morning if you've had your morning coffee. You don't know anything about that person other than their name and that they're probably not a serial killer. The usual way (or should I say non verbal way) of greeting this person is with a chin jut that practically says 'sup'.

Numero dos: Can I Borrow Your Notes?
The second stage is a bit more friendly, or rather, useful. You and this person briefly know each other just enough to say that they won't steal your notes and move to Alaska. You don't talk much but when you or them miss a class, there is no refusal to take notes or notebooks. 

Numero tres: Group Hug!/Fandom is Family
This is the person whom you talk to on a regular basis but only in group settings. You maybe have their phone number and you text them sometimes when you're really really bored. Basically, you might not consider them your "real friend" but they are a part of your squad and you respect that bond. This could also be the person who is in the same fandom as you and you tag each other in Instagram on posts relating to that fandom. 

Numero cuatro: Let's Hangout Sometime
Now we venture into the close friend circle. This is the person you wouldn't mind spending a couple of hours with. You have had plenty of one to one conversations and now you don't feel guilty when you double text them. You have been to their place and their mom knows you by name. In general, this is the stage when you start to trust this person. 

Numero cinco: XOXO Gossip Girl
Okay so now we're getting serious. This person is now always in the top 10 of your text list. You aren't afraid to call them when you know you sound like a chihuahua on tape. (Trust me, it's a thing, I would know) You share things about yourself with them and they do they same with you, You might even bitch about other people together, that's when you know you've got yourself a homie. Also the photo above starts to implement itself at this stage.

Numero sies: Printer Privileges
I know this one is a bit (who am I even kidding? this is a lot) crazy. But do you even know how expensive printer ink is? If anyone who is not on level six of friendship for me asks me to print something for them all I think is 'hell no' and make up some excuse like 'dude, the printer was outta ink' or 'It broke, we have to get it fixed' or better yet 'the electricity shut down'. (Now if you're from a developed country that might not be a valid excuse because you guys never have shut downs if it's not for a natural disaster but in India, this is totally a legit excuse.) My point is, there are only a couple of people on whom I'd spend my printer ink on. 

(wait, I don't know if this blog is PG or not. Children under 13, scroll past number 7)

Numero siete: Sexual Innuendos/Homo Much?
Now this is the person with whom you are comfortable. So comfortable that you can say 'If I we were homo, we'd probably be couple goals'. You aren't afraid to tell them your sexual desires. Awkward with this home girl, nuh uh. They know your freaky side and you know theirs. Best part? Now you don't have to clean your laptop browser history when you two hangout.

Numero ocho: Call 911? Are You Crazy?
This is a stage that is not reached by everybody but this is your soul mate friend type person. If they were to commit a murder, you'd help them hide the body and then buy tickets to some non extradition country, rent an apartment together and live then till the statute of limitations runs out. 

Boss Level: Letters On A Screen
This is totally catered to me or for those of you who are really social on the world wide web. You sometimes meet people online that are now some of the closest friends of yours. That does happen you know? One day your scrolling though a page and BAM! you've made a friend for life even when you haven't actually met that person. (Just be careful not to befriend a psycho axe murderer and not to share any details like your address or phone number until you're absolutely sure this person is who they say they are)

Well, I hope you found some of them relatable. And you know what I think? Sometimes, people skip levels. They can jump from level 2 to level 5, or level 4 to level 8, or whatever without going through the entire circuit. (Shoutout to homegirl Aalya!) And maybe that's what's the point of life anyway, you don't know when a person can become important to you. Sometimes it just takes a couple of hours with that person to know that they'll always be there for you and sometimes even the people you've known for years can seem distant. 

Till next time this is me signing off! xo

P.S. I'd like to wish a really Happy Birthday to one of my regular readers, Annan Bansal. Hope you had a really great 15th and I'm sorry I couldn't be there. 


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