Pages Of Our Lives

Our lives are merely stories. You are the main character of yours and somewhere along the way, you meet other characters, some who become crucial to your tale and some who are there as fillers when your next chapter is being written. You might mistake some of the fillers as a lead, but then they disappear and it's onto the next one. Finally, your story reaches a peak, a peak where you find a character that is here to stay. Here to stay to make your story into a saga. You don't need to go looking for them though, they'll find their way to you. 

But as we all know, story's can have a lot of different endings depending on the writer's decision. Maybe it could have been a sad one, a happy one, or maybe it could have been something else entirely. You are born with a clean slate. Each and everyone of us has the ability to run with it and make it into something spectacular. We write our pages, those pages turn into chapters, and before you know it, you'd have reached the last word of the story. 

What matters is that we value what has been etched. You don't need to wonder 'what could have been'. No. Your decisions do dictate your story's intricate details but the basic plot is already decided by the power that made us, my friend and you can do nothing about it. Your plot might even have a tragic ending, but you shouldn't be afraid, because right now you're doing all that you can to make it into something wonderful. That's all you need to do. You need to try. 

Don't think about what would have happened if you had done things differently. You can't erase, you can start a new chapter, sure, but you can never erase. So you have to learn to live with your previous chapters. You can choose, though, not to read them again. 

Another thing about stories is that sometimes we get climax not at the right time but way earlier than you thought it would be. That's when you're fucked. It's now up to you to grasp it and never let go. But the thing about those stories is that they are the most beautiful of all, they do end up as tragedies about 70% of the time but maybe, just maybe, if you let go, that person will live their own life and then your paths cross again. And this time, you're ready. 

Now this post wasn't just about finding love or being happy or don't overthinking things. It was about something more deeper. When you're old and frail, it doesn't matter if you had a happy story or a sad one, what will matter would be how much you lived. You don't need to look back on a life where nothing ever happened. So whether you time on this earth is utterly fantastic or really heartbreaking, embrace it. All Nicholas Sparks novels end in tears but they're still best sellers. Do you see what I'm trying to say here?
Because in the end, You need a story that's worth reading, you need a story that's worth dying for.

Till next time this is me, signing off! xoxo


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